Friday, November 23, 2018

Bluetooth Adapter for Nextion User guide

Can also use USBtoTTL adapter


Set Master


Set Slave

Set Baud

Return:OK2400 ,support:
1--------- 1200
2--------- 2400
3--------- 4800
4--------- 9600(Default) 

5--------- 19200
6--------- 38400 
7--------- 57600 
8--------- 115200 
9--------- 230400 
A--------- 460800 
B--------- 921600 
C--------- 1382400 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Linux Base Operate and PI-STAR Operation System

1) Re install VIM

Enter ssh mode for PI-STAR
Login as
usr: pi-star
pas: raspberry

1, uninstall the purge VIM (poor version)
sudo apt-get remove –purge vim (–purge full remove, include config files) 
sudo apt-get remove –purge vim-gtk vim-doc cscope (option)
sudo apt-get clean

2, Install Vim GVIM (full version)
sudo apt-get install vim 
sudo apt-get install vim-gtk vim-doc cscope (option)

2) ...

Monday, November 5, 2018

MMDVM Repeater User Case show - Sharing and experience

This article purpose is to collect and share MMDVM repeater user case and user sharing.

UserGuide for MMDVM Repeater Kit Board (LinkerV3)

Facebook page bi7jta (Share hub)

Facebook group (1,000+ member)

Case 1,  MTR2000 , share by @ IW6BFE