Monday, December 17, 2018

NanoPi_NEO Instruction

NanoPi_NEO Wiki

Product for MMDVM

Friday, November 23, 2018

Bluetooth Adapter for Nextion User guide

Can also use USBtoTTL adapter


Set Master


Set Slave

Set Baud

Return:OK2400 ,support:
1--------- 1200
2--------- 2400
3--------- 4800
4--------- 9600(Default) 

5--------- 19200
6--------- 38400 
7--------- 57600 
8--------- 115200 
9--------- 230400 
A--------- 460800 
B--------- 921600 
C--------- 1382400 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Linux Base Operate and PI-STAR Operation System

1) Re install VIM

Enter ssh mode for PI-STAR
Login as
usr: pi-star
pas: raspberry

1, uninstall the purge VIM (poor version)
sudo apt-get remove –purge vim (–purge full remove, include config files) 
sudo apt-get remove –purge vim-gtk vim-doc cscope (option)
sudo apt-get clean

2, Install Vim GVIM (full version)
sudo apt-get install vim 
sudo apt-get install vim-gtk vim-doc cscope (option)

2) ...

Monday, November 5, 2018

MMDVM Repeater User Case show - Sharing and experience

This article purpose is to collect and share MMDVM repeater user case and user sharing.

UserGuide for MMDVM Repeater Kit Board (LinkerV3)

Facebook page bi7jta (Share hub)

Facebook group (1,000+ member)

Case 1,  MTR2000 , share by @ IW6BFE

Monday, October 1, 2018

Connect to PI-STAR, First step to start your MMDVM toy

Quickly start guide
1  Plug in the power supply , require 5V2A(RPi 3B), 5V1A(RPi Zero W)

2  Configute network for your Pi-star,

1th: if there is a LAN port in NanoPi or RPi, insert RJ45 line, the routers automatically allocate the IP address, use a computer browser (must use Firefox or Chrome) to access the IP address, set up your personal information.

2th: open the phone, search the WiFi hotspot "Pi-Star"
then join it , password is "raspberry" , use mobile browser ,visit,
add the WiFi you need in the WiFi setup column


* This way now just support inner WiFi adapter,not support USB WiFi.

3th: Add a shared WiFi on the cell phone or router, the default access WiFi:

SSID:888888-2G password: 0123456789 ,visit the dashboard as follows
iOS shares WiFi hot spots: http://pi-star.local
Other devices share WiFi: http://pi-star
Login User: pi-star ,Password :raspberry

Just for reference, SSID set to  888888-2G

If the domain name can not be identified, use IP tool APP like “FING” to find the IP address of the box.

3 Configute your digital radio
The default setting frequency is 433.550MHz, DMR mode, time slot 2, color code 1, and DMRid 4600000
Private call to  9990 ,use parrot mode for echo test.

Friday, September 7, 2018


Power requirements: HDMI screen, if power supply with raspberry 3B together, require more than 5V3A; separate power supply, ensure that the HDMI screen has 5V2A input.

Features: Touch support, need to connect between HDMI's MiroUSB and raspberry USB interface.

Hardware: 7inch HDMI Display-C (1024x600 I advise or 800x480) Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+(or Pi ZW) Duplex hotSPOT by VR2VYE && BI7JTA OS base on Pi-Star V3.4.15 for RPi 3B/3B+/ZERO Can upgrade to new version use ssh command as follow: sudo pistar-update && sudo pistar-ugrade
run startx to start UI
IMG download Discuss thread in facebook Continue update

Friday, August 31, 2018

User Guide for RPi hotspot with FAN, Simplex hotspot,Model MMDVM_AlloySPOT,RPiZW SPOT Basic Edition

[1] PCB interface definition

[2] Customize case
Reference the alloy case for duplex hotspot, the difference is the FAN inside, LED hole position not same as the case  for duplex hotspot.

[3]  About RX/TX Offset
This board use 14.7456MHz TCXO, default RX/TXOffset  = 0

[4]  OS
1) Pi-Star OS, 
RPi 3B, Zero W
RPi 3B+

2) Win 7+ ,reference here

[5] Modem Type

[6] Firmware upgrade
sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_hat  
or visit  

[7] User group

[8] To buy

[9] Follow me


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