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Firmware upgrade UserGuide for MMDVM HAT(Simplex/Duplex/Repeater) made by BI7JTA

Important update ,from firmware v1.4.12

Frequency restrictions to avoid satellite interference. Please avoid the following ranges: 145.8-146.0 MHz and 435-438 MHz, otherwise firmware will not start.
tail -100f /var/log/pi-star/MMDVM-2018-11-21.log
Error message Received a NAK to the SET_FREQ command from the modem

1)  WiFi SSID and PASSWORD BE REPLACE WHEN Restore Configuration!
2) If run firmware upgrade script error ,run Pi-Star OS first  **Important**
sudo pistar-update && sudo pistar-upgrade

Check new firmware

How to enter ssh mode:
http://pi-star:2222/ [Or use IP address]
usr: pi-star
pas: raspberry

1 ) Duplex HAT by BI7JTA VR2VYE

sudo pistar-vyehsflash hs_dual_hat
Radio/Modem Type "MMDVM_HS_Hat Dual Hat(VR2VYE) for Pi(GPIO)"

2)for Nano hotSPOT (BlueBOX)

sudo pistar-vyehsflash nano_hs

change Modem_Type to "MMDVM_HS_NPi Hat (VR2VYE) for Nano Pi(GPIO)"

*For old version HAT,

*If not successful,some old nano HAT need do more operation,connect the upgrade GPIO jumper, detail see here.

3)for RPi_Simplex hotspot

sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_hat  
Change Modey-Type to "STM32-DVM / MMDVM_HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO)"

4)for MMDVM repeater board make by jTA
For V3_F446 
Upgrade logs:
20191002: add RSSi data display support

Change Modey-Type to "STM32-DVM / MMDVM_HS - Raspberry Pi Hat (GPIO)"

Open your ssh GUI http://pi-star/admin/expert/ssh_access.php  
User: pi-star  
Pass: raspberry  

Login and Ctrl + C then Ctrl +V ,run the follow scripts   

curl -OL;  
sudo chmod +x stm32flashV5;
curl -OL;  
sudo killall MMDVMHost >/dev/null 2>&1 ;  
sudo ./stm32flashV5 -v -w mmdvm_f4.hex  -R  -i 20,-21,21:-20,21 /dev/ttyAMA0;  

#Please Power off then Power on(Not the reboot).  

For V1_F105
*Important* Just support use boot loader flash HAT firmware

The new firmware version is RPT_1.4.7 
New feature: Support POCSAG mode.

Flash use USB 
Suggest this way,enter flash mode easy then GPIO
1)Use USB mode  
1.1 Disconnect STM32-DVM from the RPi host, GPIO and USB all disconnect,  
1.2 Insert JP jumper, short BOOT and VCC near P25 LED,  
1.3 Connect STM32-DVM to the RPi host use USB wire, then will endter flash mode automatic. PWR, ACT and DMR will bright, not flashing (Very important,if not as I description, disconnect USB and connect again) .  
1.4 Flash use USB (replace your .hex path, and download stm32flash,see Require libs )  
sudo stm32flash -w /usr/src/MMDVM/bin/mmdvm.hex -v /dev/ttyUSB0  
Require libs  

Demo videos :

Flash use ST-LINK (Not suggestion)
Buy a ST-Link ,then connect to the board ST-LINK interface, then open STM32 ST-LINK Utility, choose mmdvm.hex,then flash. 

For V3 F446 Version
Coming soon,

Contact me,

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Assembly Aluminum alloy Case for duplex_hotSPOT

Duplex BOX BETA1.0
Also name 
Duplex + Case Integrate, including
Aluminum alloy Case(punch 4 holes)
SMA JumpWire(need 2x pcs,RX/TX)
Assembly cost(Purchase, punch hole, debug )

Maybe a option choose? ↓

New with fan↓

Use USBtoTTL adapter,option, Hot pluggable ↓

 Black and silver grey color↓

With 4G Network USB Dongle↓

Video share by OH1E: Duplex Hotspot build with nextion

Price list

Where to find me?

Saturday, May 5, 2018

All product and my Amateur Radio Toys hardware store

The follow content I will show my project.

Amateur Radio Toys Hardware store

About Duplex hotSPOT   
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB all component soldering, 
2x ANTs 5CM length,
1x 4PINs header connect to Nextion LCD

Duplex HS with Aluminum alloy Case Integrate  
including components:
Duplex hotspot with 2x ANTs
Aluminum alloy Case(punch 4 holes)
SMA JumpWire 12CM (need 2x pcs,RX/TX)
Assembly cost(Purchase,punch hole,debug )

Acrylic "L" Case for Nextion 3.2',4.2'  9.5$
SanDisk SDCard 8G C10
USB to TTL Adapter(CP2012) 
Nextion 3.2' LCD
Nextion 4.3' LCD
Raspberry Pi 3B
USB Power supply wire

About Repeater hotSPOT   
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB with all component soldering
1x Motorola Linker,(suit to GM300/M120/GM338/GM3188/CDM1250/GM340/GM950)
support both UFH and VHF

About Nano hotSPOT  
Just support UHF
BlueBox Package All in One, include components:
----  PCB include 433MHz Ceramic antenna 
---- 1 PCB,433MHz Ceramic antenna,
---- 2 3D shell with OLED hole,inner slim fan,slim heatSink ,
---- 3 nanopi NEO 512M,
---- 4 High quality USB WiFi ,
---- 5 High quality charging cable
---- 8 8G SanDisk SDCard
---- 9 0.96-Inch OLED

About Simplex hotSPOT for RPi with Cool mini fan  
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB include 433MHz Ceramic antenna
1x raspberry fan size 30x30x8mm
1x 1x3 PINs supply 5V or 3.3V power to fan 

About shipping 

DHL Express for many AREA,  16$+
FedEx Express, Recipients be ask to pay extra service charges, not recommended
Postal register 8$+
EMS for remote AREA 16$+  

About payment 

How to use them?

email to 
tell me your requirement, Callsign, Country and ZipCode/Postal. 
Hardware store

Find me

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