Monday, April 16, 2018

UserGuide for MMDVM Repeater Kit Board (LinkerV3)

Repeater Kit Board interface definition (for Nano series) #MMDVM#, using with MOTO GM338/GM300/M120/GM3188, Interface definition reference, other devices follow board interface "PTT/TX/GND/RSSI/COR/RX" .
Compared with Duplex hotSPOT, it can provide larger and more stable power output without the need of TX amplifier.

Has verifying radio list ,
by Nano users:
@BD7NJC M120  ,same as GM300,
@BD7ILU GM300 , Can not change TCXO,otherwiseTX )to termail radio not work
@BH3PXX GM300 DR-1X FT-7800 C4FM DMR
@BH1RQN GM338 ,need change pi-star config TXInvert=0
@DW4CHZ maxtrac motorola ,two radio are working good without any adjustment on board
@BI7JTA CDM1250/CDM1550 need to do:
1) Re program radio follow user guide,  
2) Change pi-star config TXInvert=0

GM3188SM120 ...

Support Radio Station list 
Youtube test Video for reference

1 Test simplex first, use 1x radio, when 2x radio can work well in simplex mode, then
2 test duplex with 2 radio + duplexer .
Otherwise, you do not know where is the problem.

Linker V3 define↓

Act as a simplex hotSPOT

Act as a repeater(Duplex) mode

MOTO GM300 need modify the P551 to A, P601 to B, open the case,

And keep the TCXO factory ,not change it ,otherwise the TX(gm300 to DMR radio can not decode data)↓

The right radio TCXO has been change, will cause terminal radio can not decode digital voice data↓

                                             Linker V3 define↓

Simplex mode(RX and TX in one board) V2↓

Repeater(Duplex) mode (RX and TX split into 2 board) V2

Test successful with CDM1250(GM338)

SDR spectrum assistant adjustment(Optional) 

Display interface definition:

OLED: VCC/GND/SCL/SDA (left to right)
Nextion: the STM32F105 not support modem type, just support ttyUSBX,use USB to TTL Adapter,suggest use CP2102 or CH340,
HS RXD to Nextion TX
HS TXD to Nextion RX
HS 5V   to Nextion 5V
HS GND to Nextion GND

Duplexer you can find here,

Extended reading 
Add whitelist Talkgroup to TS1,TS2 #DMR

Got it

How to flash Pi-Star OS

Download the new version Pi-Star IMG

Add whitelist Talkgroup to TS1,TS2 #DMR
sudo nano /etc/mmdvmhost
# Prefixes=234,235
# Slot1TGWhiteList=
# Slot2TGWhiteList=  

Useful resource reference,
Radio tested list,G4KLX

Some link for reference,

By f5uii

Ajuste de desviación en frecuencia en MMDVM, parte 1 (teoría) 

Ajuste de desviación en frecuencia en MMDVM, parte 2 (práctica) 

Recommend for Motorola radio 


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