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The follow content I will show my project.

About Duplex hotSPOT  65$
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB all component soldering, 
2x ANTs 5CM length,
1x 4PINs header connect to Nextion LCD

Duplex HS with Aluminum alloy Case Integrate 92$
including components:
Duplex hotspot with 2x ANTs
Aluminum alloy Case(punch 4 holes)
SMA JumpWire 12CM (need 2x pcs,RX/TX)
Assembly cost(Purchase,punch hole,debug )

Acrylic "L" Case for Nextion 3.2',4.2'  9.5$
SanDisk SDCard 8G C10
USB to TTL Adapter(CP2012) 
Nextion 3.2' LCD
Nextion 4.3' LCD
Raspberry Pi 3B
USB Power supply wire

About Repeater hotSPOT  56$
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB with all component soldering
1x Motorola Linker,(suit to GM300/M120/GM338/GM3188/CDM1250/GM340/GM950)
support both UFH and VHF

About Nano hotSPOT 103$
Just support UHF
BlueBox Package All in One, include components:
----  PCB include 433MHz Ceramic antenna 
---- 1 PCB,433MHz Ceramic antenna,
---- 2 3D shell with OLED hole,inner slim fan,slim heatSink ,
---- 3 nanopi NEO 512M,
---- 4 High quality USB WiFi ,
---- 5 High quality charging cable
---- 8 8G SanDisk SDCard
---- 9 0.96-Inch OLED

About Simplex hotSPOT for RPi with Cool mini fan 51$
Feature : support both UHF and VHF,High-quality TCXO
including components:
1x PCB include 433MHz Ceramic antenna
1x raspberry fan size 30x30x8mm
1x 1x3 PINs supply 5V or 3.3V power to fan 

About shipping 

DHL Express for many AREA,  16$+
FedEx Express, Recipients be ask to pay extra service charges, not recommended
Postal register 8$+
EMS for remote AREA 16$+ 
*the import tax depend on your declare value ,suggest as gift

About payment 

Paypal +5% fee

How to use them?

How to get them?
email to tell me your requirement,Callsign,QTH.
Only paypal to pay.

Where to find me?

Other BLOG

Video sharing

My CallSign is BI7JTA, also a License Amateur Radio, not for money, just for let more Amateur friends can use my DIY works, gain the joy of sharing and the sense of achievement .

Thanks very much for G4KLX (Jonathan Naylor),Andy juribeparada (CA6JAU),Andy Taylor (MW0MWZ) give me more help, so that my work can be carried out smoothly.Also thanks my partner VR2VYE/BH7NJF, discuss and solve same and big issues. Finally thanks my product's users, they feedback and help to improve this project. Many friends to mention and thanks VE3WZW, BG5UER,BG2KJT,CT1HDC, OH1E,N0WAR, M6BBP,M0TEC, BD7MQB, BG7MQO, BI7KJP, BH7KCJ, BG7IYN, BH7JTB, BG7PVI, BH3SJM, BD7ILU, KC3JTA, BH1RQN, PV2IV, DU1ZCC ...

License Agreement:
This project is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0, license. You may edit and share it as you like, as long as credit is given and the license is not changed. You can build as many boards for you and your friends as you like and you can even sell it to them to cover your costs, however it is strictly forbidden to turn this into a commercial product! You are not allowed to build and sell these boards for profit!

More photos about Nano Series.

CT1HDC,EA2IP(My first overseas users)

Continue update 

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