Sunday, May 5, 2019

User guide for MMDVM_BAT (battery inside)

Basic operations
1, Press POWER button 1s to startup hotspot, wait 30s OLED screen show MMDVM status, when MMDVM service Initialization completed.
2,Press POWER button 5s to shundown hotspot.
3,Press POWER button 3s to reboot hotspot.
4,Double press POWER button to open the LED Flashlight lamp, double press to close

It takes about four hours to charge to 100%.(Ensure input charging 5V1.3A~2A)
It can supply power for about 20 hours.
Automatic shutdown hotspot during charging

Youtube video 
How to connect to your Wifi router

 (Duplex HS external SMA ANTs, 0.1 watt, 4 meters distance with wall barrier
 just for reference!)

Update: from now I use Raspberry 3B HAT replace Zero HAT; Purpose: large place to obtain low BER.

Battery install sample if you DIY yourself.
Take care the + - poles ! ! First full turn off the hotspot after pressing for 5 seconds, then soldering , otherwise it will burn your device! 

More videos sharing 

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  1. I bought an MMDVM_BAT simplex and I am very happy. It's a great little MMDVM Hotspot. Only one problem I can find! Why does it automatically shutdown when you plug in the charger? Sometimes we might need to continue using it even after the battery has been depleted! With the automatic shutdown, we can't continue using it when we are charging it! Is there any way we can stop this easily? This ability for the Hotspot to continue operating while we are charging it would be very useful when we are on holiday! We all have a spare battery for our radios anyway so this ability I am proposing would be useful.
    73 de Demetre M0SUY/SV1UY

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