Friday, September 7, 2018


Power requirements: HDMI screen, if power supply with raspberry 3B together, require more than 5V3A; separate power supply, ensure that the HDMI screen has 5V2A input.

Features: Touch support, need to connect between HDMI's MiroUSB and raspberry USB interface.

Hardware: 7inch HDMI Display-C (1024x600 I advise or 800x480) Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+(or Pi ZW) Duplex hotSPOT by VR2VYE && BI7JTA OS base on Pi-Star V3.4.15 for RPi 3B/3B+/ZERO Can upgrade to new version use ssh command as follow: sudo pistar-update && sudo pistar-ugrade
run startx to start UI
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  4. Require more than 5V3A; separate power supply, ensure that the HDMI screen has 5V2A input.

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