Monday, October 1, 2018

Connect to PI-STAR, First step to start your MMDVM toy

Quickly start guide

Prepare IP address scan tools  [for Windows]  [for iOS/Android]

1  Plug in the power supply , require 5V2A(RPi 3B), 5V1A(RPi Zero W)
2  Configute network for your Pi-star,

1th: if there is a LAN port in NanoPi or RPi, insert RJ45 line, the routers automatically allocate the IP address, use a computer browser (must use Firefox or Chrome) to access the IP address, set up your personal information.

2th: open the phone, search the WiFi hotspot "Pi-Star"
then join it , password is "raspberry" , use mobile browser ,visit,
add the WiFi you need in the WiFi setup column


* This way now just support inner WiFi adapter,not support USB WiFi.

3th: Add a shared WiFi on the cell phone or router, the default access WiFi:

SSID:888888-2G password: 0123456789 ,visit the dashboard as follows
iOS shares WiFi hot spots: http://pi-star.local
Other devices share WiFi: http://pi-star
Login User: pi-star ,Password :raspberry

Just for reference, SSID set to  888888-2G

4th, the final way, use "Pi-Star WiFi Builder" ,then download and copy to your TFcard root.

If the domain name can not be identified, use IP tool APP like “FING” to find the IP address of the box.

3 Configute your digital radio
The default setting frequency is 433.550MHz, DMR mode, time slot 2, color code 1, and DMRid 4600000
Private call to  9990 ,use parrot mode for echo test.

Other IP address scan tools:
Feature: Support mobile WiFi Share AP scan
iNet - Network Scanner [iOS]
IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer [Android]

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