Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Add Bluetooth connector between Nextion and Duplex hotspot

Use HC05 instead of USBtoTTL Serial port



  1. So I have 2 pcs, HC05?
    and do I need some settings?

    1. Hi, 1x HC05 or HC06, act as Master model,
      1x HC02/05/06 act as slave mode,

      New update see

  2. You will need 2 pcs. One that connects to the MMDVM board that will send data. The other HC-05 (or HC-12) will connect to the display and will receive the data. Only 3 wire connection is needed for one way data transfer. The 4th wire is not used since there is no current two way application to do anything on the screen and have it change any function on the MMDVM. Please look at my blog where I first expimented with wireless display months ago.

  3. Will this work on a simplex board? I tried this with HC12s but no luck, the HC12s would burn out even after putting diodes in the port positive line. Is that some sort so Bluetooth adapter att ached to the mmdvm? Where are the output wires for the display placed on the mmdvm - on the GPIO headers, or elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Yes, just replace serial port (wire),9600bps


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