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MMDVM repeater assemble case and experiences sharing (External_radio)

MMDVM repeater experiences sharing  
BI7JTA (Continue update ...)
1, @BG8FCQ GM950i, setting view the end of this BLOG
2, @BD7NJC M120  ,same as GM300 ,keep Pi-Star setting default,
3, @BD7ILU GM300 , Can not change TCXO,otherwiseTX )to termail radio not work
4, @BH3PXX GM300 DR-1X FT-7800 C4FM DMR
5, @BH1RQN GM338 , TXInvert=0 RXInvert=0
6, @DW4CHZ maxtrac motorola ,two radio are working good without any adjustment on board
7, @BI7JTA CDM1250/CDM1550/GM338 need to do:
1) Re program radio follow user guide,  
2) Change pi-star config TXInvert=0
8, @F4HES GM340 TXInvert=0
9, @DW7FCV  ICOM ID-4100 DStar bandwidth to narrow 12.5KHz
10, @IW6BFE MTR2000 add 22uF capacitor to TX, view the end part of this blog
11, @BX5AAU Motorola XPR-4550,DMR mode, RX work,BER less 1%; TX work AnyTone decode ok, Motorola terminal DMR radio can not decode. continue trace, video
12, @Huawei450 work in P25 mode, other not feedback,
13, @BI7JTA @BH7JTB FT-7900R, set 9600bps, keep Pi-Star and mobile station default, work DMR AnyTone,TYT-MD2017, not decode in TYT-380G, still trace this problem.
14, @BG6THE Tait t800 repeater TXInvert=1(1:Simplex 0:Duplex) RXInvert=1
15, @BX3ACB FT-818 PKT 9600bps(Not FM),SIMPLEX TXInvert/RXInvert=0,AnyTone-D868/FT-2D RX/TX OK, TYT-MD760 RX OK, TX still testing.
16 @BI7JTA GM3188 Let RSSI open(White Color wire),otherwise can not connect Modem.
17, @BI7JTA GM300 VHF work ,TXInvert=1 RXInvert=1 (UHF RXInvert=0
18, @BG6THE HUAWEI E403-50B SIMPLEX/DUPLEX work perfect, need more operation change inner Circuit
19,@BA5DA, IC-2720 TXINVERT=0 RXInvert=0
20,@Individual cases GM338 TXInvert=0 RXInvert=1 [Thailand HAM]
21,@BG3NCT GM338 use GM338TUNER tool, change 12.5KHz to 25KHz
22,@BI7JTA CDM750 TXINVERT=1 RXInvert=0, keep default.
23,@CA6JAU Motorola PRO3100 ,view the end part of this blog
24,@PY2LY Motorola Pro 5000 view the end part of this blog
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Recommend radios for homebrew repeaters 
Original from

Being tested on Warning
Unknown Question mark
Supported WORK
Unsupported Cross
Known to work well for DStar, all radios should also work fine for DMR (otherwise please edit this list). The following radios have been approved to work as homebrew repeaters HF frontends:

Model RX TX Notes
CDM750 / 1250 / 1550LS WORK WORK Excellent TX & RX on all modes
CM140 / 160 / 340 WORK WORK EM200(CM140) Very low BER at Rx (SV4QXF) Tx works (SQ6POG)
EM400 WORK WORK -XE1HAX- TX / RX VHF good work with (SP8NTH) v0.04
GM1200 WORK WORK D-Star,DMR,C4FM,P25 - TX using PIN 24 ACC, RX only via PIN 5 of internal CS(Option)connector [DISC OUT]! PIN 25 ACC NOT WORKING! OK2IT see #GM1200 DISC out
GM300/Maxtrac WORK WORK Very Simple setup
GM338 WORK WORK DMR & C4FM tested
GM340 / GM360 / GM380 WORK WORK
GM350 / GM950 WORK WORK PCB Mod. VHF RX TX work (SQ9MYX), UHF RX TX work with 128ch variant and PCB mod (2E0TSP)
GM600 (reprogrammed to GM950) WORK WORK TX / RX UHF Work excellent on SR8UWD (SP8NTH)
M1225 Cross WORK Receive causing unstable BER at Rx 5~10% (VE2RI)
MCS2000 Warning WORK Unstable BER at Rx 1,2~5% (SV4QXF)
MSF5000 WORK WORK X74CXB7106AT Works well for DMR; C4FM and Dstar not tested (YO2LLQ)
MTR2000 WORK WORK Very well for DMR and DStar - C4FM not tested (IZ5IGB)
Pro 3100 WORK Cross At least with 4 used radios I tested, Tx is center frequency is unstable.
Pro 5100 WORK WORK Excellent TX & RX on all modes
R100 Repeater WORK WORK N1XBM
VRM850 (MCS2000) WORK WORK N4IRS See in the Yahoo MMDVM files/Hardware area
Model RX TX Notes
TM-V71A/E WORK TX Has a timeout of Max 10 min and its impossible to change this.
TH-F7E WORK Cross (CT1HDC) (IW9GRL - Good reception but unstable BER 0.3~5% )
TKR-750 WORK WORK VK4JLM Tested DSTAR and DMR, interfaced via rear DB25
TKR-830 WORK WORK N4IRS Good receive and transmit Tested DMR only Needs internal jumper Doc to follow
TKR-850 WORK WORK VK4JLM Tested DSTAR and DMR, interfaced via rear DB25
TK-8180 WORK WORK KC9FQT Works great, used for the WF1RES repeater, used with rear DB25 port
TM-D710 Cross Cross Does not work for DMR! PTT works but the handheld does not decode. RX does not work at all. DSTAR not yet tested.(5B4AMD)
TM-D710G WORK WORK W4DHW - Currently being used on D-Star, DMR and P25 as higher power hotspot with STM32_DVM board. Works great! Set A-band or B-band to 9600 baud (external)
Model RX TX Notes
DR-1X WORK WORK TX/RX audio is excellent, DMR/D-Star Tested (W2GLD)
FT-7900 WORK WORK Check/fine tune frequency for DMR use. TX will sag with temperature, set it 2-300 Hz above. (LA1PHA/LA1FTA)
FT-7800 WORK WORK Check/fine tune frequency for DMR use. TX will sag with temperature, set it 2-300 Hz above. (LA1PHA/LA1FTA)
FT-817 WORK WORK RX also looks to work (PD0ZRY)
FT-857 WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works very well as DMO mode, BER stable around 1-2% ( IW9HFS )
FT-1907R/E WORK WORK Works great on TX, works perfect on RX. You must open the transceiver and use the discriminator audio for tx/rx. 0% stable BER both ways. Although transceiver suffers from overheating if used for TX as well(in case of hotspot), due to lack of a blower. For further info contact me via email.(5B4AMD)
VXR-9000 UHF WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works very well as DMO mode, TXDelay=45, DMRDelay=27, TXInvert=1, RXInvert=0 (F4GIX)
Model RX TX Notes
TM-600U WORK Cross RX work perfect. TX not work! (SQ9MYX)
Model RX TX Notes
T800 Series I WORK WORK For TX bypass/cut off low pass filter stage in audio processor, provide new DC bias at half rail into buffer, inject data at buffer. For RX tap at or near discriminator. (VK2AMV)
T800 Series II WORK WORK N4IRS See Tait Series II data in the Yahoo MMDVM files/Hardware area. Additional note by VK2AMV, Be very careful of DC leakage into buffer effecting Op Amp DC bias. I had huge problems with less than a Microamp of DC leakage through a faulty DC blocking capacitor before I discovered it. DMR works great with T800 SII.
T2020 Series II WORK WORK DMR Works, More info (F4GIX)
Tm8100 WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works well as DMO mode,DMR Delay 83 , More info (F4GIX)
Tm8250 WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works well as DMO mode,DMR Delay 83 , More info (F4GIX)
TB7100 WORK WORK works with internal connections to RX/TX DF2ET, see
Model RX TX Notes
IC E880 WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works well as DMO mode (IK5XMK)
IC-V200TRE WORK WORK DMR/DSTAR works, DMR Delay=40, More info (F4GIX)
IC-E2820 WORK WORK DMR works very well as DMO mode (SY1BRU)
IC-7000 WORK WORK DMR/D-Star works very well as DMO mode (SV6NOB)
IC-2725 WORK WORK DMR works very well as DMO mode (SY3BOQ)
Model RX TX Notes
Model RX TX Notes
SM-6450U WORK Cross RX works great / TX unstable(YO6NAM)
Model RX TX Notes
BCR-50x WORK WORK All modes work well (KØXM)
Model RX TX Notes
TH9000D WORK Cross RX DMR work perfect. TX not work!(F4GIX)

Configure Guide for MMDVM Repeater Kit Board 

Hardware store (Amateur radio)

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REVIEW: MMDVM NANO HOTSPOT ,Nano hotspot (bluebox) in Europe

Photos show

Recommend a blog for MMDVM in France language, provide by @F8BSY @F6KBR

Radio-Club de PERPIGNAN – F6KBR

User guide for MMDVM_BAT (battery inside)

Basic operations
1, Press POWER button 1s to startup hotspot, wait 30s OLED screen show MMDVM status, when MMDVM service Initialization completed.
2,Press POWER button 5s to shundown hotspot.
3,Press POWER button 3s to reboot hotspot.
4,Double press POWER button to open the LED Flashlight lamp, double press to close

It takes about four hours to charge to 100%.(Ensure input charging 5V1.3A~2A)
It can supply power for about 20 hours.
Automatic shutdown hotspot during charging

Youtube video
Part_1 Basic operations
Part_2 Charging Current Test
Part_3 Disassemble and assemble 
 (16:01 minutes)

 (Duplex HS external SMA ANTs, 0.1 watt, 4 meters distance with wall barrier
 just for reference!)

Update: from now I use Raspberry 3B HAT replace Zero HAT; Purpose: large place to obtain low BER.

Battery install sample if you DIY yourself.
Take care the + - poles ! ! First full turn off the hotspot after pressing for 5 seconds, then soldering , otherwise it will burn your device! 

More videos sharing 

Check out this model $80

OLED setting for Pi-Star

1, Rotate 180 degree
running effect

Setting step

 You can get one in

2, the type for 0.96 inch and 1.3 inch 

3, show OLED patch by KI9H

Pi-Star 4.1 (Buster) support Raspberry Pi 4

I will upload demo video when my Pi 4(4G) arrived . Description: Download IMG http://w...