Wednesday, June 27, 2018

jTA Blog for MMDVM Summary



NANO Series DIY Project for MMDVM


UserGuide for Duplex_hotSPOT_v0721

UserGuide for Repeater Kit Board (LinkerV3)

UserGuide for Nano hotSPOT(blueBox) and Simplex hotSPOT

Firmware upgrade UserGuide_0721 

The way to Analysis and Feedback issue (About Duplex_hotSPOT)

GPIO Definition And Interface Diagram for Nano Series hotSPOT(jTA_SPOT)

Assembly Aluminum alloy Case for duplex_hotSPOT


Nextion LCD for Duplex hotSPOT and RPi Fan HS

Nextion LCD for Nano hotSPOT(BlueBox)

Flash Nextion Firmware Online(without USB Adapt or SDCard)

Youtebe Video

Openbox Video for Duplex hotSPOT

Nano hotSPOT blueBOX unboxing by OH1E


Known Issue and SolutionsIssue

Other product

3D Print CallSign,Copyright by @BG7MQO,continue update

Duplexer preview share by  by my friend

Youtube Video sharing

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Duplexer preview

>25W, 1.5KG
64USD  +   Actual postage 

My MMDVM youtube homepage

See also jTA Repeater kit board

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Flash Nextion Firmware update 2020

Nextion firmware (Model8) 

Model8 requirement
Pi-Star 4.1.2 and update to the last
MMDVM Display Type:  Nextion Layout:ON7LDS L3,

Nextion-editor ,to change your display style 

Format tools:

1. Local , output for Nextion T serial (4MHz memory), clone from PD0DIB 

 2. PD0DIB homepage, you can modify use editor

2. G4KLX, the original project

Note: HMI file you need to install Nextion Editor, general the tft bin file.

Flash firmware use SD card (TFcard)

Youtube demo:

How to output different Model tft file?

What is the difference between Nextion and TJC?


If you not edit/Develop the display content yourself , TJC is enough for use, but use Nextion Model,  you will find more resource in Facebook group

K Serial with More storage capacity, RAM

TJC-Chinese Editor


Preview :

J-STAR Users Guide : Allstarlink Setup

Preview .