Monday, August 23, 2021

BI7JTA in AliExpress, eBay, IOSS TAX and EPR Policy in Germany. ----2022.7.1

My Blog Store:

** Not need pay any platform cost, 

** Buyers from USA, Canada, Southeast Asia, Japan, Switzerland and South Africa, recommend this purchase method (except for buyers from EU countries, EU buyers recommend aliexpress store).

My Aliexpress Store:

** Including 10%~15% platform cost ,local country EU IOSS TAX(if in EU), 

** In addition, IOSS tax fees from EU countries will be charged. Buyers from EU countries recommend this purchase method. 

** Germany Country duo to the EPR Policy, will not appear in AliExpress/Germany, please buy in eBay link , or directly ---- 2022.7.1


I also provide the NEO/AIR Pi Host replace Raspberry Pi 3B/4B.  

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