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UserGuide for Duplex hotSPOT ,Model Duplex Model_B: Alloy_SPOT, Duplex Model_A : ALC_SPOT_NX

Important update ,from firmware v1.4.12

Frequency restrictions to avoid satellite interference. Please avoid the following ranges: 145.8-146.0 MHz and 435-438 MHz, otherwise firmware will not start.
tail -100f /var/log/pi-star/MMDVM-2018-11-21.log
Error message Received a NAK to the SET_FREQ command from the modem

NOTE: WiFi SSID and PASSWORD BE REPLACE WHEN Restore Configuration!

Apply to  follow serial products

Recently update(Continue)
for HS Ver1.0, Ver1.0.1, write by bi7jta, any question join facebook group for help or contact me email, the best way is with screenshot and short video, help me to understand.

V1.0.1 support both UHF/VHF mode
Firmware 1.4.6+ support POCSAG mode

Configuration for PI-STAR and Radio

( 1 ) Get ready for pi-star OS,
Connect SMA ANT,Connect RPi to hotSPOT use GPIO.

Download Pi-Star IMG here
http://www.pistar.uk/downloads/  for RPi 3B/ZERO Pi-Star_RPi_V*.zip 
http://www.pistar.uk/beta/  for RPi 3B+ 

Flash pi-star img to SDCard  http://wiki.pistar.uk/Main_Page

Need tools in Windows: SDFormatter,Win32DiskImager ,also need USBtoSDCard adapt.

NOTE: Ppzip the file ,write .IMG file to SDCard, not copy,not all SDCards can use for boot, Choose Sandisk or Samsung,8GB enough.

( 2 )Controller Mode:Duplex Repeater 
(also make sure expert mode Duplex flag 1 not 0)
User: pi-star
Pass: raspberry

( 3 )Set RX/TX MHz ,
Support UHF and VHF from Ver1.0.1.

Expert mode http://pi-star/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php

RX  434755000
TX  439755000

set UHF TX - RX >= 5MHZ to Get better performance,
set VHF TX - RX >= 900MHzHZ to Get better performance,

Just work at amateur frequencies, and different countries have different amateur frequencies.

( 4 ) set RXOffset,TXOffset 
in expert mode,if BER >1%

http://pi-star/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php ,for example, set value = -300


* This value just for reference, see the TAG with the board 
* If your radio has Offset MHz, please adjust first

You can also adjust the parameters that make the Error Rate % to the lowest.

Expert mode http://pi-star/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php

( 5 ) Program your DMR Radio(Also YSF/P25/Other)

Make sure that:

Radio TX = HotSpot RX

Radio RX = HotSpot TX

Color Code = 1 (same as setting as pi-star)

Repeater Slot = 1 (TS1 as brandmeister.network)

Repeater Slot = 2 (TS1 as brandmeister.network)
Close Allow Talk round option

( 6 ) Testing 

Dial private call to 9990(Parrot),listening your voice,in TS1,TS2

Dial private call to 4000 (Disconect tip),listening system voice ,in TS1,TS2

( 7 ) Set Static Talkgroups for Timeslot 1 and Timeslot 2 ,when use DMR mode, 

eg. https://brandmeister.network/?page=rep-edit&id=4600060

NOTE:Can use 4600060XX XX is 01~99 ,flag different hotSPOT
You must to Register and Login first.

( 8 ) Install Nextion and OLED for Duplex hotSPOT 

View HS board  Silk screen,
Nextion LCD: (NOTE: Ver1.0.1 VCC,GND not same as Ver1.0, do not reverse +5V and GND, otherwise you will damage your LCD circuit)
HotSpot +5V --> Nextion +5V 
HotSpot RXD --> Nextion TX 
HotSpot TXD --> Nextion RX
HotSpot GND --> Nextion GND

OLED: suggest use 1.3 inch
HS 3.3V --> OLED 3.3V

Web SSH mode http://pi-star/admin/expert/ssh_access.php (Use IP Address instead)
update current OS to the last: sudo pistar-update && pistar-upgrade

Install Nextion LCD for Duplex hotSPOT 


Assembly Aluminum alloy Case for duplex_hotSPOT


Firmware upgrade (All update here)

Pi-Star OS upgrade
sudo pistar-update && sudo pistar-upgrade

Amateur radio frequency range Definition in firmware

From: https://github.com/juribeparada/MMDVM_HS/blob/d001aeecb3c6d6c2b787ce32117fcae134f6bafe/IO.h

Duplex hotSPOT V1.0 (Hz)
#define UHF1_MIN  420000000
#define UHF1_MAX  475000000

Duplex hotSPOT V1.0.1 Hz(from 20180505)
#define VHF1_MIN  144000000
#define VHF1_MAX  148000000
#define UHF1_MIN  420000000
#define UHF1_MAX  475000000

Demo live Duplex hotSPOT (Please do not modify anything,TKS!)

Config template for TYT-MD380 and Pi-Star_ver0327

Assembly Aluminum alloy Case for duplex_hotSPOT

Discuss and share

# Downgrade to official version 1.3.3,
The purpose is to test the AnyTone Radio Compatibility with Duplex HS
# From https://github.com/juribeparada/MMDVM_HS/releases  
# Step by Setp

# 1) login ssh mode:
# http://pi-star/admin/expert/ssh_access.php
# default
# user: pi-star
# pass: raspberry

# Use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, copy the follow CMD to Web SSH windows,then press ENTER

#2) Change system to Read and Write;

#3) Download flash script
curl -OL https://github.com/juribeparada/MMDVM_HS/releases/download/v1.3.3/install_fw_hsdualhat.sh

#4) make runable
chmod +x install_fw_hsdualhat.sh

#5) Stop MMDVMHost serice
sudo pistar-watchdog.service stop; sudo systemctl stop mmdvmhost.timer; sudo systemctl stop mmdvmhost.service

#6) Flash to lastest version

#7) Startup MMDVMHost service
sudo pistar-watchdog.service start; sudo systemctl start mmdvmhost.timer; sudo systemctl start mmdvmhost.service 
More discuss please join facebook group 

About external amplifier

Youtube Video share


  1. Hello,

    Could you explain me why we have to choose the STM32/DVM_MMDVM_HS board and not the MMDVM_HS_DUALHAT (DB9MAT) ?
    Joseph, f1pfc

    1. Bonsoir, pour la simple et bonne raison que sur sa carte MMDVM c'est cette interface qu'il utilise... et non pas celui de l'OM DL. Il doit quand même avoir des différences entre la conception des cartes Duplex!!!!! Axel FR5GS

  2. Thanks for the help in mastering the DMR&MMDVM.
    R1TB Aleksey RUSSIA 73!

  3. can we use it
    1- just for listing not tx
    2- mmdvm hotspot p2p like tow mmdvm connected by ip lan or wifi ?

  4. i wish there was an analog hotspot like these https://twitter.com/JPPiers/status/905115021864206336

  5. how to configure both brandmeister and marc dmr to use different timeslots

  6. Thanks for detail information but it is possible to use MMDVM_HS_DUALHAT instead of STM32/DVM_MMDVM_HS board? I am using Jio 4G device https://jiofilogin.com

  7. Thanks for detail information but it is possible to use MMDVM_HS_DUALHAT instead of STM32/DVM_MMDVM_HS board? I am using Jio 4G device https://jiofilogin.com


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