Friday, August 31, 2018

User Guide for RPi hotspot with FAN, Simplex hotspot,Model MMDVM_AlloySPOT,RPiZW SPOT Basic Edition

The first time use MMDVM Simplex hotspot , you can follow this guide.

1, Config WiFi  Connect

2, Config Pi-Star setting

3, Config Digital Radio setting

3.1 DMR radio

3.2 YSF radio

3.3 P25 radio

3.4 D-STAR


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Pager Setting User Guide 0810

MMDM System Requirement
Pi-Star 3.4.16 or higher
Firmware 1.4.8 or higher

Pager ID programming software, the newest is V3.0.9,
Support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 (need test)

Programming adapter use CH340 Chip

Programming adapter use Pagerid Chip

Write your RIC and S/N ,frequency

Enable Night-light

Video for LCD

Register your DAPNET account
Request your DAPNET Authorkey
Add your Pager to DAPNET
Test send message to yourself.

Run send message to yourself, change the Callsign.
sudo pistar-dapnetapi BI7JTA "Test message 144.5125MHz, RIC 123456"

Add your Pager RIC to DAPNET, one callsign can add multiple RIC

View log
tail -100f /var/log/pi-star/DAPNETGateway-2018-09-01.log  

Pager Feature && instruction
PLL or crystal, 137-199 MHz and 400-499 MHz, POCSAG. 

Please notice that the frequency you use.

*One device just with 4MHz bandwidth.
*The frequency can be customized in the frequency range, 4MHz bandwidth you can program when come out factory.

For example, your order 1x 439.9875MHz, you just can use 437.9875-441.9875 MHz.
You can not use 458.6625MHz when you customize 439.9875MHz.

*Default frequency is 439.9875MHz.


1) You can use the default RIC id if can not write your ID, the first and the second have Beep Beep  voice,

2) Some language  Character coding not support in DAPNET server,  will cause unintelligible text, change to English is ok.

3) Some time DAPNET server connect timeout, try later or change network(WiFi).

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