Saturday, April 21, 2018

Analysis and Download MMDVM Pi-Star logs


Check pi-star runtime logs,
Part logs Just show time from you open the dialog:
Open http://pi-star/admin/live_modem_log.php
Then Press PTT,

Download full logs file(All MMDVM logs): 

Dynamic Viewing Full logs in SSH mode:

The DMRGateway log, YSFGateway, DSTAR Gateway logs,
ls /var/log/pi-star , use the SCP tool such as WinSCP.exe , Filezilla.exe, MobaXtem.exe ,download it.

NOTE: IF can not visit use pi-star name, use your IP Address instead.

If follow UserGuide
Still not solved your problem, not config success, then send me 3 files for analysis, as follow,
1) Pi-star config zip file, export step

2) Screenshot of pi-star ,1,2,3

3) Screenshot of DMR radio (reference to tyt md-380) 

4) More shot video can help analysis fast.

1. Use facebook user discuss group.

Strongly suggest that because of the UTC difference, I hope more HAMs can help you, not only me, also need you upload some shot videos about your issue ,that will faster to discover your problem.

2. email , 

de bi7jta,73!

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