Monday, April 30, 2018

Nextion LCD for Duplex hotSPOT, RPi hotSPOT with fan, Repeater kit board

For Duplex hotSPOT

The are two ways,

1. Use modem in the hotSPOT board, 

4PIN show "LCD", pi-star Config MMDVM Display Type select Nextion -> Modem
HS RXD to Nextion TX
HS TXD to Nextion RX
HS 5V   to Nextion 5V
HS GND to Nextion GND

for Ver1.0.1( !! VCC,GND not same as Ver1.0)

Pi-Star Setting display type

2. Use USB to TTL adapter,

then in pi-star Config MMDVM Display Type select Nextion -> /dev/ttyUSB0
Note: Some USB2TTL adapt not work, had tested CP2102 / CH340 is OK, USB-STC-ISP do not work.
TTL RXD to Nextion TX
TTL TXD to Nextion RX
TTL 5V   to Nextion 5V
TTL GND to Nextion GND

For RPi hotSPOT with fan

1 Use board 4 PINs Display interface, follow the order.
Warning! Can Not Reversal 5V and GND!

2 Use USBtoTTL Adapter

For Repeater kit board

Just can use USBtoTTL Adapter, STM32F105 without serial interface

Nextion firmware download 

From bi7jta ,add show IP address

From G4KLX

From facebook group

About TJC clone LCD ,you can also find in facebook group

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