Saturday, June 9, 2018

Flash Nextion Firmware update 2020

Nextion firmware (Model8) 

Model8 requirement
Pi-Star 4.1.2 and update to the last
MMDVM Display Type:  Nextion Layout:ON7LDS L3,

Nextion-editor ,to change your display style 

Format tools:

1. Local , output for Nextion T serial (4MHz memory), clone from PD0DIB 

 2. PD0DIB homepage, you can modify use editor

2. G4KLX, the original project

Note: HMI file you need to install Nextion Editor, general the tft bin file.

Flash firmware use SD card (TFcard)

Youtube demo:

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  1. Hi Winters, any ´chance to flash the Nextion connected to ttyAMA0 (Modem)?