Sunday, May 5, 2019

OLED setting for Pi-Star

1, Rotate 180 degree
running effect

Setting step

 You can get one in

2, the type for 0.96 inch and 1.3 inch 

3, show OLED patch by KI9H


  1. Any chance of making MMDVM_BAT not to shutdown but to continue operating while charging? This would be very useful when you are on holiday and your only HotSpot is the MMDVM_BAT.
    73 de Demetre M0SUY/SV1UY

  2. Hello, I applied it working nice but I can't rotate the screen and I want temp in celsius. When I open /usr/local/bin/MMDVMHost it's not understandable to edit. Tnx

  3. and I can't see caller's name on screen. only call sign. is there an editor for MMDVMHost file for OLED?


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